my inspiration: the human spirit

Craftsman in Taxco, Mexico.

Craftsman in Taxco, Mexico.

I am an artist and avid study of human nature. My maternal grandparents gave me a Kodak Instamatic camera for my tenth birthday and I have been watching the world from the other side of a lens ever since.

I have been on a quest all my life, until this point, to find what it is that fulfills me~

And I have finally found my purpose on this planet: to make the world a slighter better place than when I arrived, by building a sustainable way of life for myself and others who also realize that we cannot possibly continue consuming and polluting the way we are. I am an activist for local, organic food, and I have plans to teach young people about the history of food production, why eating healthy is essential, and how they can eat an organic diet on a budget.

I want to help young people who feel helpless and powerless by giving them information and tools in order to discover themselves and how to navigate life. I want to teach them not only how to care for animals and how to grow food; but to provide a safe place for them to paint and to play and record music, to dance; to work with wood or clay or fabric . . .  and if they have a desire to do something I don’t know how to do, I’ll find someone who can guide them.

I want to travel and visit some of the countries I’ve only dreamed about and some of the many interesting people I’ve met over many years, who are scattered around the globe. I want to visit sustainable communities and find out what others are doing.

And from now on, I’ll do what I am meant to do: to create. To get information to as many depressed young girls and boys as possible through stories and graphic novels (in the works), and as much visual art as possible, while I write about informative events in my life and about all the “mistakes” that I’ve made, so that perhaps others can make better decisions in their own lives than I made in mine. I don’t want my nieces and nephews to have to wait for another forty years before they find themselves and what they want out of life.

And, I feel an inexplicable drive to connect people who are searching for authenticity, soul, spirit . . . and community

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